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The In Between

The dual meal is getting all of the attention these days (aka brunch) but what about the in-between. What holds us over until the next major meal time? Enter “The Fourth Meal”. Popularly named by the fast food franchise Taco Bell due to its late night hours and long drive thru lines. In a city that never sleeps, three meals is not enough to sustain us through the day and night.

Afternoon Tea is the classic fourth meal. Started in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, when the time from lunch to dinner could be up to 8 hours! Lords and Ladies were not having it thus creating this in-between meal. Popular period pieces like Bridgerton and The Gilded Age are shining new attention to this culinary event and many New York hotels have been offering the prim and proper experience on their in-house dining menus. But they aren’t the only places:

  • Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon: After reading their homepage intro, you know they take their tea service seriously. HELLO high society and dialect of the 19th century. All you modern day Lords and Ladies wear your Afternoon Tea best and sit down for an afternoon of luxury.
  • Kings Carriage House: Less prim and proper, Kings setting is in an actual house. Inviting more cozy, chill vibes.
  • Brooklyn High Low: Across the pond in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, find all tea services offered here with gluten free options and a garden patio for those nice days coming up. 


The newly minted fourth meal between dinner and breakfast has tales to tell. After the partying, the shows, or sightseeing, a layer of food may be needed to ‘soak’ up all of the fun or keep the party going. There is not a lack of places for late night meals here. The classic diner is always on the list or pizza by the slice. However this is NYC and the world is your oyster at 2am and beyond:

  • Dim Sum Palace: Change it up and forget the pizza by the slice. Dim Sum is the new late night snack. The Palace in midtown is open until 1:30am and their newest location until 3am in Chinatown
  • Coppelia: “Latin dinner with Cuban essence”, open 24/7 offering a FULL menu of items to fulfill any late night craving.
  • L’Express: French cuisine served late night Friday and Saturday when the craving for escargot, (french) onion soup, or steak frites hits you. 


It is confirmed. The day needs more than three meals in it if we’re going to be able to experience all the diverse, delectable food the city has to offer. 

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