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Art Exhibit With Your Stay

Stop into Park Lounge lately? You may have noticed it feeling more like an art exhibit than lounge. A digital exhibit has set up a shop at Park Central Hotel New York with artists from near and far.

Four artists are being featured in this installation:

Luis Martin melds collage and paintings to create a narrative that reflected what he was seeing, but lacking in the media as he was growing up. He has shown nationally and internationally. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.

James Long’s work combines collage, photography and digital imagery. With pieces including mannequins in portaiture: figurative and scenic stills. James established Studio James Long and is currently based in New York City.

Kate Nielsen works with layers of acrylic which are then peeled, cut and reworked into new forms. Themes often circle around “our collective urge to dominate the natural world and recognizing Nature as a feral presence”.

Vakseen (born as Otha Davis III) is involved with the arts in multiple facets. Working in the music industry, Vakseen turned to the arts “as his key to sanity”. Self-taught, he pulls from elements of cubism, photorealism, fashion design, and pop surrealism to create vibrant abstract portraits.

The current exhibit will be at Park Lounge now through the end of the month and a new exhibit will be on display for August. Follow us on Facebook for details on the new exhibit. Out of the hotels in Manhattan, we provide a little art culture as you work or relax in our lounge.