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New York Marathon Pre/Post Race

Long runs. Time commitment. Aches & pains. A human body shouldn’t be able to do it, but year after year thousands gather to accomplish a common goal: 26.2 miles. As one of the hotels near Central Park, Park Central Hotel is no stranger to the New York Marathon. One thing we know for certain is having a good pre and post race ritual will get you to the finish line.

Depending on when you arrive in New York, you may want to go for a short run to stretch out those legs post flight and acclimate to your surroundings. We’ve mapped out runs in New York City for you ranging in distance and scenery. Why not get in some sightseeing while you train?

Food is always the right answer. Carb load across the street at Tanner Smith’s which has comfort food galore. The decor plays on a prohibition theme and the food menu will make anyone content from meat eaters, veggie lovers, to special dietary needs (gluten free?). Full stomach leads to a good night’s rest Saturday before race time!

Running a marathon is no small feat and celebrating should be the first thing you do post race (after drinking water, lots of water). Though your inclination is to refuel with a celebratory alcoholic beverage, stick to water and sports drinks crafted to hydrate and aid recovery. Then, go celebrate with an amazing meal. Looking for dining suggestions? Park Central Hotel is central to it all with places like Los Tacos for a quick easy meal or Per Se for Michelin rated french cuisine. Ask our concierge to help plan your post run meal.

You may feel like never moving again Monday morning but we recommend going for a stroll through Central Park or another low impact, non-running activity a couple of days post race to prevent overly stiff muscles. Even better, book a massage to work out the soreness. Wishing all of the runners a safe race and great stay in NYC!