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Give Me that Spotlight!

Broadway is open. We can finally fill the void our cultured hearts have been missing out on. The lights, the glitz, the glamour and entertainment have returned...with a few adjustments. What to expect at your next show:

Plan extra time

Theatres are requiring proof of vaccination, so expect an additional checkpoint before you go through security. If you have children with you under 12, they will be swabbed for rapid testing. Don’t fret about missing the show. Companies are understanding of the additional checkpoints to be there and are holding curtain to make sure people have time to make it to their seats.

Mask it up

Masks are required during the entire duration of the show. Broadway wants to stay and the theatres are taking precautions and being diligent about the health and safety of all.

Intermission or not to intermission

Not all theatres are bringing their concessions back. The theatres with them are being mindful/cautious of how and where. Either allocating designated sections for drinking/eating and making sure those spaces are well ventilated/airy. Other theatres have chosen to remove intermissions and shortened their shows (which has been well received by audiences).

Tickets - Buy them!

Broadway is back and ready for you.