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Why You Should Travel More

2017 has been one of those years - ups, downs, stomach flips, and whatever else is going on. Top it with getting through the day to day and you’re probably feeling a bit worn out (and the holidays haven’t even started!). Nothing hits the reset button like time away and, it’s actually good for your health.

Many of us are working over the standard 40 hours a week which leads to burnout. By taking time away from our normal environment, it allows the space to recharge and actually become more productive. Traveling creates new experiences which open your mind to creativity and inspiration to bring back to your job. On top of that, you’re probably moving around more rather than sitting at a desk for 8+ hours straight. And without an alarm clock to respond to, you’re logging more hours of sleep equaling better mood and less stress.

The best part is you don’t have to travel far or to exotic destinations to reap the benefits. Staycations are the best of both worlds: relaxation with minimal planning stress. Take a few days off during the week. Explore where you already live or travel to the town over. Do you walk by a new coffee shop every morning but never have time to stop in? A new art exhibit that’s way to crowded during the weekend? Take a break at our Central Park hotel and do something you enjoy.