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How to Navigate the U.S. Open

New York City is about to be flooded with tennis pros, fans, press, and everything in between associated with tennis for the 2018 U.S. Open Tennis Championships Tournament. If you’re staying at one of the New York Hotels, you may cross paths with a Pro or two in the  lobby (Park Central was the host a few last year!). This is a must see experience in New York City should you be around. Coming from a tennis novice, it’s nice to have an insiders perspective on how to plan your schedule so you’re not wasting time or getting overwhelmed by the crowds. Thankfully we have a few locals who shared their tips with us:

Diane, Concierge, opts for matches on the ‘smaller’ courts instead of the well known Arthur Ashe stadium. “Though being in the court is an amazing experience, tickets can be pricey just to have a seat high away from the action. I’d rather spend the money on a better seat down closer to watch world-class players and matches on one of the other courts to feel more apart of the experience. Also, if you get tickets for the first week they are typically cheaper”

Magali, Complex Marketing Manager, says “Take advantage of practice days. On Sunday, August 26 before the U.S. Open starts, many of the top players are on the grounds practicing. It’s free and you may have a better chance of getting up close with your favorite player(s).

Ahram, Director of Revenue, always “download(s) the official app before the Open starts. This way you have the results and schedule at your fingertips. Twitter is also a great way to stay connected with what’s going on and where you should be (#USOpen50).” Oh, and printing the match schedule isn’t a bad idea either. When technology fails (dead phone battery, cell networks overloaded, etc), you’ll have a schedule and information to keep you on track so you don’t miss a beat.

Brian, Director of Sales & Marketing, reminds us ‘It’s outside so remember a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. An all day session outside is a lot of sun. Make sure to drink water.” Note: glass and metal bottles are prohibited at the match.

Alan, Revenue Manager, recommends “Subways!” Transportation by vehicle is going to be congested whether you’re driving or taking an Uber or Lyft. Subways are typically the better option to get to the matches. Next best would be Uber or Lyft so you don’t hassle with parking but be prepared to wait as most people are using this choice for getting around.