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Local Libations

California has wine country. Kentucky has the bourbon trail. Colorado has Coors. And New York City has them all. No need to travel cross-country to experience local libations, tours, and tastings.

City Winery

Launched in 2008, City Winery’s concept brings wine to the city-dweller wine enthusiast. And not just wine! Marrying food, wine, and entertainment at the location in Manhattan, it will be easy to find the best compliment to your wine tasting. Grapes are sourced from the best vineyards in Napa, Willamette Valley, Sonoma, and Finger Lakes. Traveling as far as 3000 miles to City Winery, wine is masterfully mixed, barrelled and bottled by winemaker, David Lecomte. Set up your tour and tasting, see a show, or try their Vino Vinyasa (wine & yoga).

Rooftop Reds

Real estate is precious in NYC, where would one put a vineyard? All you have to do is look up. Rooftop Reds took advantage of the unused rooftops in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to create 14,800 square feet of vines in planter boxes. These grapes along with yields from vineyards in the Finger Lakes wine region go into making their variety of wines. If you’ve never been, try one of their 8 flights to get a sampling of different varietals or go straight for a glass of what you love. Make sure to book a reservation and no need to worry about food - light bites and pizzas are on the menu to help layer between sips of wine.

Kings County Distillery

Located in the former distillery district on the waterfront (Brooklyn Navy Yard), Kings County Distillery produces acclaimed whiskey/bourbon blending old school and modern methods. Learn ‘how the sausage is made’ on one of their tours. The ‘Distillery Tour’ gives the history of the oldest distillery in New York City, explains the whiskey process and ends with a tasting in the Barrel Room. If history is your jam, do the Top Shelf Tour for a deeper dive into the history and influence of whiskey making in American history.

The Bronx Brewery

Community. Creativity. Inclusion. Bronx Brewery is more than just a place for beer. Serving up their own brews including the newest: Y-Series, which represents community AND Support Creativity (a non-profit being supported by proceeds from the sale of Y-Series). Spend a Saturday in the backyard, drinking beers and finding room for empanadas or burgers from the onsite vendors. Can’t make the trip up to the Bronx? Visit their new location (as of 2020) in the East Village. There’s no backyard but all the other components of art, beer, community, and fun you’ll find.