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New York City Things To Do in April

Did winter even happen? Based on the cherry blossoms getting ready to bloom in Central Park, NYC has moved on. But don’t be too fooled by the sunshine, jackets and gloves are still needed for the crisp air and gusts of wind. Nonetheless, the city has something to do for the month’s holidays, big, small and in between.


Does anything say spring more than Easter? Seeing people pour out of church in their Sunday best of pastels and floral print. And of course, a spiral ham and egg hunt for the kiddos. But who says egg hunts are just for kids? A Whole Mood is hosting an adult-only egg hunt in Prospect Park (Brooklyn) with the reminder to dress comfortably and prepare for possible aches, pains, and strains as adults get to be kids again with an egg hunt, relay and more.  Keep the family together or gather with friends and try an Easter cruise around the city. The only effort needed is getting there and the rest is waiting for you: 3-course brunch, bottomless mimosas, live music and Easter bunny for the littles. 


Starting at sundown, April 5th, families will sit down to Seder and retell the story of Israelites liberation from slavery in Egypt with a feast of wine, matza, gefilte fish, potatoes, carrots and prunes, roasted chicken or brisket. Need a butcher? A couple on the list: Florence Meat Market (West Village), Ottomanelli & Sons Meat Market (Greenwich), and Lobel’s Prime Meats (UES) - all with kosher options. Cooking, hosting and tracking down the best cut of meat isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. Let someone else do the work and make a reservation at one of these amazing kosher restaurants: Barnea Bistro (fancy), La Marais (casual), Dagon (in between and with a traditional seder prix fixe menu). 

Earth Day

Spring is the time for regeneration and new life and there are ways locals can contribute to keeping it beautiful. Celebrate Earth day April 22 with free trees! Register to adopt and plant a tree and tell the New York Restoration project where its new home will be. Giveaway/pickup locations are all around NYC. Next, head over to the annual Earth Day 2023 Festival hosted in Union Square (April 16) to hear about new initiatives, environmental talks and workshops.

Tax Day

The dreaded time of year where you have to track down all of the documents, use math skills not seen since high school and follow instructions written by the government to tell you how much you own them. The reward after April 18 (thank god for those extra days since the 15th falls on a weekend!) is not having to think about it for another 365 days. Or run a half-marathon…how does the saying go, “nothing is certain except running and taxes” right? Maybe not, but perhaps running will give some clarity and motivation to get those taxes done. Head out to the Rockaways (April 15th) and run like the wind for a half marathon or 5K to give you the second wind needed to get it done!

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