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New York City Things To Do in January

Forget new year’s resolutions, starting a cleanse, dry January. This month is about comfort, cozy, and surviving the cold.


Nothing is more comforting than the smell of freshly brewed coffee, even for non-coffee drinkers. And New York City does not lack for coffee shops (3,300+!) with artisanal roasts, brews, lattes, coffee and wine tastings and opportunities to be your own barista at home with latte art classes. The morning buzz has been elevated.


Now is the time to stock up for winter, which means a plethora of delicious food. Restaurant Week 2023 (Jan. 17th - Feb. 12th) is the perfect opportunity to eat everything, everywhere, good. DIY type of person? Muster up the energy for one night of cooking class and master the skills and new recipe(s) at home. Leaving the house not in the cards? Do “around the world” of take out food and make your winter mission to find your new favorite delivery place.


Figuratively and only a little bit literal. If we could all be lucky to have a fireplace in our apartments to snuggle up to at night. For those who don’t, there’s plenty around the city to cozy up to with a hot toddy and a good book. The flicker of a flame can also be seen by candlelight around the city at Candlelight Concerts. And the annual ‘comforting’ sounds of poppers and fireworks can be heard on January 22nd for Lunar New Year to ring in the year of the rabbit.

Stay full, warm, and comfortable. Happy 2023!

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