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New York City Things To Do in May

The city is gettin’ her groove back and working out the kinks of her new logo. It’s a love/hate relationship at the moment. And while the logo might not be the original, these May events are keeping it classic with a dash of nostalgia.

The great debate of the summer: Mets or Yankees? Both teams made it into the postseason in 2022 only solidifying the fandom for both sides. How do you choose if it hasn’t been generationally ingrained into you? Some might say the stadium. Yankees Stadium in the Bronx versus Citi Stadium in Queens (Mets). New development (some might say sterile), baseball museum, and things to do before and after the game. Yankees Stadium. More intimate, transportation ease, cheaper tickets. Citi Stadium. Both have great food, craft beers and good sight lines. Grab a ticket to both and find out for yourself.

A summer concert is a chef’s kiss this month and all of the OG artists are coming to town. Janet & Luda, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams & Joan Jett, Bono and Blink 182! If you can’t relate to one of these artists, have you ever listened to music in the past 50 years? 

Forget the summer bod for one weekend and go to town at Hell’s Kitchen’s Ninth Avenue Food Festival. New York City’s oldest and largest festival to date. Diverse food, merchants, and entertainment. You can keep track of the participating vendors on the site so you can strategize your cultural food experience.

Most holiday weekends are a tourist frenzy in NYC, but insiders know the weekend to visit is Memorial Day weekend. While everyone escapes to the Hamptons, come to the city. Less people mean ease cruising around town and a better chance at getting those coveted dinner reservations at one of the many Michelin Star restaurants. P.S. Late lunch reservations/walk-ins are sometimes easier to get.

And the quintessential thing to do this month is spend time in the park(s). The city has so many to visit with free events, music, people watching, activities and more. Check out our Summer Park Series from a few years ago for inspiration on what to do and where to plot a squat.

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