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Day Trips in NYC

You can spend many days in NYC discovering something new without repeating an activity, but sometimes you just want to hit the road or get out and see something different. We found three day trips a few hours outside of the city, all worth the travel time and they accommodate different modes of transportation.

The summer solstice marked the official start of summer which means outdoors, sunshine, and beaches. Mainly accessible by ferry, boat, or seaplane with limited access by automobile, Fire Island is hours away offering up beach town charm. While the 17 communities are mostly residential, several offer up active downtowns and places to eat. For the day tripper, choose between a day at the beach fishing, surfing or camping (Smith Point County Park), shopping and exploring a bustling downtown (Ocean Beach) or experiencing one of the well known bars for drinks (Ocean Bay Park).  Grab a beach cruiser and choose your own adventure.

Art lovers out there, spend the day trapezing around a 500 acres museum. Just an hour outside of New York City lies Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York. A sculpture park of beautiful hills, woodlands, and fields home to “more than 100 carefully sited sculptures” since the 1960’s. Transportation is made easy by the centers partnerships with Coach USA and the Metro. Past visitors recommend bringing plenty of water and snacks or a mini picnic for this day excursion.

Escape the concrete jungle to the Catskills two hours north of New York City. The ride itself can turn into a day trip of antique shops, scenic views, and a butchershop with great cuts to bring home for dinner. If you make it past the ‘distractions’, be prepared for outdoor concerts, kayaking, roadside farmers markets, beer and wine tastings, and hiking once in the Catskills. Don’t get overwhelmed! Visit the official site for curated itineraries and trip ideas, sure to make you want to stay longer than just a day.

Happy daytripping!