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Leap Year

With Leap Day days away, it’s time to start planning what to do with an extra day this month. Park Central New York hotel deals up February 29 things to do depending on your mood.


What do you get when you bring delicious Thai, sake, and local ice cream together? A Leap Day Party not to be missed unless you’re willing to wait another 4 years.


The 29th lands on a Saturday and weekends are for relaxing. Get all of the goodness of a spa day at Haven Spa with their “Mini Escapes” and still have time for other adventures.


Or maybe a small excursion into wilderness with a nature walk through the park? Central park offers multiple paths and trails through wildlife, water, and under the canopy of trees. 


Leap day laughs with a comedy show. Head over to the Scavello’s On the Island for stand up local Bronx comedians.

Happy Leaping!