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A different New York Museum Experience

New York gives you access to amazing museums and art - there’s even a ‘mile’ named for them. But, now there’s a new generation of ‘art-experiences’ people are flocking to see. Vibrant, Interactive immersive experiences of Instagrammable installations putting you at the center of the experience.  Most aren’t long lived, so make sure to grab your tickets or prepare to be jealous as you scroll through your friend’s social feeds.

Does wandering around a Mansion while sipping Rose sound like your type of afternoon? Welcome to the Rose Wine Mansion. Explore the mansion-museum experience learning about history, culture and science of this delectable pink drink. Sipping lasts until October 21st! 

Recently visited by one of our own, New York’s Spy Museum brings out the espionage in all of us. Don’t think you’ll be leisurely walking the halls of spy paraphernalia . Get ready to dodge lasers, crack codes and learn about the latest technology in surveillance. 

Traveling all the way from LaLa-land (Los Angeles), this museum is a sugar fiends dream. Snap pictures amongst flying pigs, gumdrops and other tasty confections. Satisfy your sweet tooth now through November 15th. 

In time for the spookiest time of year, travel across the Brooklyn Bridge to expose your deepest fears at Nightmare Machine. Play out scenes for a spooky twist to your next Instagram-worthy post or story. Brought to you by the same team of Dream Machine. Ends October 31st.