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Your Next Caffeine Fix

Coffee has evolved beyond dark sludge in a mug. It’s become a ritual of invested time and money ($18 cup of coffee anyone?). And, if you’re one of the many who venture to find the location with the perfect cup, New York City is definitely the place to be. Park Central’s self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, Magali, has an on-going list of go to coffee shops for when she wants a simple cup of coffee or is looking for a place to relax and nosh while enjoying her morning pick me up.

Break down the flavors and textures like a coffee expert with Coffee Project’s deconstructed latte: a flight of lightly pasteurized milk, espresso and composed latte in stemmed glasses. Definitely stepping up the coffee game sophistication.

There’s nothing better than a great space to relax in as you enjoy your coffee and Kaffe 1668 delivers. A swedish influenced coffee shop located off Greenwich street, serves up single origin roasts in a great space accented in a fun sheep motif.  

Maybe you’re not a coffee person but like the ambiance and the baked goods that go with it. Either way, Maman is your place with multiple locations around the city. Items like lavender hot chocolate and pastries give note to their south of France influence long with classics of omelettes, salads, and cookies.

Seeking a cup of coffee on the weekend? With more time to relax, Tekoa NY hits the spot. Serving food all day, head over for Sunday brunch and choose from their simple menu of breakfast standards like scrambled eggs, pancakes, or avocado toast.

The list is infinite with a new cafe popping up in every neighborhood. We can’t keep up but we’re always willing to try something new. What’s on your list?