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Resolutions and Traveling

Sticking to a fitness routine can be hard while traveling, especially following the holidays. But, after talking with our fitness expert, you’ll have the tools to keep your routine going. Jared Aquilina, owner and founder of Outrajes, LLC, has been helping individuals achieve their goals for the past 7 years and knows a thing or two about staying motivated no matter the situation. Here’s what he says about traveling and staying on track:

Stretch: Usually you’re traveling for business or pleasure which means hours sitting in meetings or walking around sightseeing resulting in sore backs and tight hips. Jared recommends these go-to stretches which can be done anywhere, anytime to keep your flexibility on point. Try this hip flexor exercise after a long day of walking or take breaks throughout the day to do this shoulder stretch. “Flexibility is important to me, so I integrate this with all of my clients.”

Hotel Perks: Take advantage of your hotel’s fitness center. As one of the New York hotels, Park Central offers access to personal training sessions with Jared at our fitness center, 7th Avenue Fitness, so you don’t have to miss a beat in your workout routine. Just make sure when working with a new trainer to tell them what types of workouts you currently do, your goals, and any injuries you may have.

Total-Body Exercises: You’re traveling and probably don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym nor do you want to if you’re on vacation. Choose total-body exercises which work multiple muscle groups to get the most out of your workouts. It should include a warm-up (walking or running on a treadmill), 3-5 rounds of 3-4 exercises (such as reverse lunges, dumbbell rows or push-ups, and planks) and a cool down.

Protein and Fats: Traveling doesn’t always bring out the best food decisions and it’s difficult when your options are limited to eating out. When in doubt, choose protein and fats over carbs. Meaning, if you’re debating between the steak or the pasta, go with the steak. It will keep you fuller longer and less inclined to snack on less healthy options.

Traveling doesn’t mean your routine has to stop. It’s all about being prepared and knowing how to work resources to your advantage. And, remember ‘rest’ days are important, too!

Jared Aguilina is owner and founder of Outrajes, LLC based in New York City and trains out of 7th Avenue Fitness at Park Central Hotel. His approach with clients is ‘a blend of what they need and what they want and the most rewarding thing to see is clients pushing through hurdles in fitness and applying that strength in their everyday lives.”